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The Mystical Magical Healing Stones

Gypsy Stones are Stones from the mystical Appalachian Mountains of Roan Mountain Tn.

   Standing 6,285 feet on the Tennessee-North Carolina border, Roan Mountain has been a popular destination for hundreds of years.  Native Americans came to the top of the Roan, legend has it, to wage a great battle, and so much blood was spilled that the rhododendron turned from white to red.

Spanish explorers came in search of gold, while world renowned botanists came looking for exotic plant species.  The rich and the infirm came to the magnificent Cloudland Hotel in the late 1800s and early 1900s to take the invigorating air of the high mountains. From Andre Michaux, the world famous botanist, to General John Wilder, a Union Army General who built hotels in the village and on the top of Roan Mountain; from the Roan’s inexplicable “balds” to the lush forests of its “Canadian zone,” Roan Mountain remains one of the most beloved places in the southern Appalachian highlands.



   Scottish Travelers also landed here in these Mountains using these precious stones in their healing rituals that have been passed down through the generations. Mountain Gypsies use these very stones in all their healings!

   Our Gypsy Stones are annointed with ancient oils from the Mountain Gypsies lineage line. We do not bleach, soap or tumble the stones! We do not want to alter their natural healing power. They are used far and wide by Holistic Healers, Massage Therapist, Reiki Masters and Those using different Modalities of Healing.


The Mountain Gypsies

Cat Young and Tess Hughes are mother and daughter, they are The Mountain Gypsies. They are multi-faceted gifted intuitive/seer healers, from the Appalachian Mountains. Cat & Tess are Reiki Master/ Teachers and promoter Reiki Healings. They are Founder and Authors Of Mountain Magic! Their lineage is that of Scottish Travellers, Cherokee and Melungeon. 

The sight, the healing, the magic... All passed down through bloodlines from all sides. Their knowledge of mountain herbs, alternative health products, holistic spiritual and healing Stones on how to break bondage and set people free is not of this earth but from a heavenly realm. They do Spiritual Journey readings. They follow a higher power and know all things good come through The God of their forefathers, the God they worship. They have no agenda to preach their beliefs,but to heal those who God puts in their path, the rest is up to that person to follow their journey. They will walk through your pain with you with wisdom, knowledge and understanding given to them to help heal you. 

They will tell you Love and Laughter is the number one healer and their heart is to fill you with as much as you will allow! Some will understand the ways of the old they follow, some will not... But all are called to come for healing!

If you are lucky enough for them to bring along the youngest Mountain Gypsy, the one they call Lil Mamie, then you are in for a real treat as the healing of old flows through her, it will astound even the hardest of hearts.

They are called all over the United States to do healings, clearings, lectures and more. They host classes to teach, for knowledge and wisdom is what will help set the world free.

Blessed, Annointed & Activated

Each Stone is hand picked by the Mountain Gypsy family! Our family actual hikes in these beloved Mountains and streams to pick the stones we are drawn to with the most healing power for its future owner. We then annoint them with ancient annoiting oil, prayer and activate them. We are not stone experts... but gifted in the healing ancient ways.

                                 Healing, Love & Peace

                                   The Mountain Gypsies 



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